10 BIG Buildings by Bjarke Ingels Group [Infographic]

Bjarke Ingels: 10 BIG Buildings by the Record-Breaking Architect

Bjarke Ingels Group, or BIG, is a popular Danish architecture firm working on some of the best projects around the world. It was founded by “starchitect” Bjarke Ingels who is known for his playful take on design and beauty. He believes that “architecture is about trying to make the world a little more like our dreams,” and the buildings that come out of BIG tend to represent this laid-back approach to design.

Some of BIG’s most recognizable projects include Copenhill, an adapted power plant that now features a massive ski slope and a climbing wall. This project also represents the firm’s approach to “hedonistic sustainability.” Another recognizable project by the firm is The Twist, a bridge and museum designed in a simple but elegant twisting motion.

Did you already know these two projects? Do you think you could name more? If you think you’re a BIG fan of this Danish architecture firm and their projects, we challenge you to see how many of these playful buildings you can name in our latest My Modern Met infographic!

Read on to find 10 BIG buildings by Bjarke Ingels Group.

Bjarke Ingels Group Buildings

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READ: 10 BIG Buildings by Bjarke Ingels Group [Infographic]


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