10 Futuristic Buildings by Dame Zaha Hadid [Infographic]

Zaha Hadid's 10 Best Futuristic Buildings

Contemporary architect Zaha Hadid is one of the most revolutionary architects of our generation. Before her unexpected death at the age of 65 (when she was at the height of her career), Hadid was completing some of the most impressive projects in the world. Even now, Zaha Hadid Architects remains among the most prestigious architecture firms in the world and continues to defy expectations with column-free buildings and gravity-defying structures.

Hadid is known for her futuristic designs where architecture fluidly and seamlessly blends enclosure and structure. Her neo-futuristic work is so recognizable that it is sometimes easy to spot the ZHA project from other design proposals. She was an expert in creating complicated parametric designs that appear elegantly simple. “Architecture is like writing,” Hadid once said. “You have to edit it over and over so it looks effortless.”

Keep scrolling to find 10 of our favorite futuristic projects by Zaha Hadid in our latest My Modern Met infographic. If you want to learn even more about this famous architect, read all about these projects in our article about the Queen of the Curve.

Read on to find 10 incredible buildings by  Zaha Hadid—the famous futuristic architect often called the Queen of the Curve!

Zaha Hadid's 10 Best Futuristic Buildings

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READ: 10 Futuristic Buildings by Dame Zaha Hadid [Infographic]


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