American singer-songwriter Kirby is not new to the spotlight. Although often behind the scenes or in the studio, she has previously co-written tracks for global artists including Kanye West, Arianna Grande and Jennifer Lopez. But since the release of her debut album Sis. in 2020, Kirby has firmly taken centre stage.

Her new EP, titled Sis. He wasn’t the one, is spread across 10 tracks that depict the rough and complex side of relationships for women struggling with feelings of self-worth. Encouraging its listeners to bring their hurt out and into the open, the tracks come dominated by beautiful orchestral strings and sprinkling piano notes. The Memphis-born, Mississippi-raised artist has created her own distinct sound in the process, mixing together R&B, soul and funk all into one sublime blend.

We caught up with the granddaughter of soul to chat about her journey so far.

1. Who is Kirby? 

“A sister. A daughter. A friend. A believer.”

2. Why was “Coconut Oil” a perfect single to take from your new EP? 

“I wanted to create the Black girl magic national anthem. I asked myself: ‘how can I twerk and be woke at the same time?’”

3. Which three artists were most instrumental to your musical awakening?

“Aretha Franklin. Erykah Badu. Wow, the third is tough.”

4. How would you describe the sound of the EP? 

“Chicken noodle soup for the broken heart. But vegan tho, lol.”

5. What was your favourite moment from recording the EP? 

“Being in tears listening to “Superpower” with my producer as we watched the city of Los Angeles protest for justice.”

6. Do you have any phobias? 

“Get that spider and mouse away from me! Also dirty hotels, I can’t do it. If the hotel isn’t good on Yelp, sis it’s not the one.”

7. What’s one song you wish you’d had written? 

“Labrinth’s “Jealous” and any Bruno Mars hit.”

8. What was the best thing about growing up in Mississippi? 

“My family. The history of Mississippi is ugly. I know the plantation from which I got my last name. It’s nothing to be proud of but it’s something I know that innately drives me to succeed.”

9. What’s the best thing about being a musician in 2021? 

“We can go on tour baby!!!”

10. How did you celebrate when the EP came out? 

“We had a very Covid safe gathering with friends and tour family in New York. I laughed I cried and just thanked God that, for the first time, I released a record and was truly happy at the same time.”

Stream Kirby’s ‘Sis. He wasn’t the one’ here


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