11 Bookbinding Kits That Will Have You Crafting Your Own Books in No Time

Beginner Book Binding Kits

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Books are such an important part of everyday life, whether for personal, recreational, or educational purposes. But have you ever wondered how you can make one of your own? Bookbinding is a centuries-old trade and art that has a detailed and rich history. But despite the complexity and depth of the craft, there’s a pretty low barrier to entry for those who want to try it out. And whether you are an experienced book artist or just a curious beginner, there are some wonderful bookbinding kits that will have you creating your own books in no time.

With a variety of techniques and binding styles to choose from, this new hobby will keep you occupied indefinitely. Want to buy a journal for a friend or a photo album to hold your memories? Why not try making it yourself instead? If you’re just looking for a few tools to get started, try a kit from Journal Shop that includes bookbinding basics like a bone folder, an awl, needles, thread, and glue. If you’d prefer a more project-oriented kit, then a DIY Leather Journal kit from Arte of the Book might be more your speed.

Scroll down to see more carefully crafted kits that will get you started on your bookbinding journey.

Want to try your hand at bookbinding? Give one of these kits a try!


Pocket Bookbinding Kit

Pocket Beginner Book Binding Kit

cleverhands | $15


Pamphlet Stitch Kit


Miniature Leatherbound Book Kit

Mini Leatherbound Book Binding Kit

Shelbyville | $39.61


DIY Leather Journal Kit


Japanese Binding Kit


Coptic Binding Kit

Coptic Stitch Book Binding Kit

The Siam Bindery | $37.42


The Anselm Bookbinding Kit

The Anselm Book Binding Kit

Peg and Awl | $24+


French Link Stitch Binding Kit

French Link Stitch Book Binding Kit

cleverhands | $45


Ultimate Bookbinding Starter Kit

Ultimate Book Binding Starter Kit

The Idle Bindery | $63.20


Bookbinding Tool Kit

Book Binding Tool Kit

Journal Shop | $37.02+


Deluxe Bookbinding Tool Kit With Leather Case

Deluxe Book Binding Kit With Leather Case

A Book Tailor Lab | $242.47

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READ: 11 Bookbinding Kits That Will Have You Crafting Your Own Books in No Time


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