15 Cute Yoga Mats Designed by Independent Artists to Help You Work Out in Style

Girl Doing Yoga in Exotic Location on a Cute Yoga Mat

Photo: Aaron Haxon
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If you’re looking to relieve stress and improve your quality of life, as well as gain better balance and flexibility, yoga might be the trick. In fact, if you’re already a yogi, you are well aware of the practice’s benefits. One of the things that makes yoga especially appealing these days is that it can easily be practiced anywhere and without much equipment—just pick up your yoga mat and go.

So why not make a special statement and get a cute yoga mat that will let your personality shine through? Fine Art America has a wide range of high-quality yoga mats that feature designs by independent artists. These premium yoga mats measure 24 inches wide by 72 inches tall and are a quarter-inch thick. Made from natural rubber with a microfiber top, each mat is printed with a beautiful piece of artwork.

From soothing abstract designs to vibrant images that will brighten your mood, the artwork can help make your yoga routine even more satisfying. Particularly now, in a time when most of us are working out from home, these yoga mats can bring a personal touch to lift your day.

When selecting the design that’s right for you, Fine Art America has given you complete control. Though the suggested composition for the mat comes up automatically, you are free to flip the image vertically or horizontally and move the design to make it fall exactly as you’d like.

And, as always, if you’d don’t see something that catches your eye, you can upload your own image and create a custom yoga mat that is uniquely yours.

Here are 15 cute yoga mats that will make your workout extra special.

Zen Yoga Matt

Linda Woods | $60

Custom Yoga Mat

Scott Norris | $75

Cute Yoga Mat

Bess Hamiti | $70

Custom Yoga Mat

Scott Norris | $75

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READ: 15 Cute Yoga Mats Designed by Independent Artists to Help You Work Out in Style


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