15 Seed and Grow Kits To Help Cultivate Your Green Thumb

Gardening Grow Kit

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Love plants but know nothing about gardening? Well, join the club. If you want a little more green in your life but don’t know where to start, then an easy growing kit might be just what you need. With all the necessary supplies and thorough instructions on how to help your seedlings grow, a seed starter kit can help even the most inexperienced novice become a plant expert in no time. Whether you want to start your own indoor herb garden or grow the most beautiful sunflowers, there’s something out there for everyone.

Gardening will soon be your new favorite pastime, and it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. With just a little patience and care, you could be sprouting your own rainbow garden. Or you could even grow the ingredients for your favorite herbal tea. Once you get the basics down, the possibilities really are endless.

Scroll down to see a list of 15 seed and grow kits that will turn you into an expert gardener in no time.

Here are 15 seed starter and grow kits to help you cultivate your green thumb.


Artist’s Garden Seed Kit

Gardening Seed Starter Kit

Uncommon Goods | $17.99


Sunflower Seed Starter Kit

Gardening Seed Starter Kit

Mr. Sprout & Co. | $22.95


Butterfly Garden Grow Kit

Gardening Seed Starter Kit

Happily Plants | $22.95


Bottle Stopper Garden Kit


Herbal Tea Grow Kit

Gardening Grow Kit

Garden Republic | $29.97


Snapdragon Garden in a Bag


Pollinator Push Garden Set


Wildflower Grow Kit

Gardening Grow Kit

Raevlen | $14


DIY Seed Ball Kit


Indoor Herb Garden Kit

Gardening Grow Kit

Home Grown | $45


Hot Pepper Grow Kit

Gardening Seed Starter Kit

Happily Plants | $22.10


Salsa Grow Kit


Cocktail Grow Kit


Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest Kit


DIY Live Moss Terrarium Kit

Gardening Grow Kit

Tacu Nature Studio | $28.10+


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READ: 15 Seed and Grow Kits To Help Cultivate Your Green Thumb


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