Sometimes, kids say random things that surprise everyone, and often they are heard talking about things that don’t exist in reality. There is no doubt that kids have a vivid imagination and they sometimes make up things in their heads. However, wouldn’t it sound strange or creepy if your kid just told you that you are about to get pregnant and a few days later you find out that it’s true.

Recently, a Twitter user asked, “What’s the eeriest thing a child has ever said to you?” She also mentioned the thing that made her ask this question, as she revealed “When my daughter was around 4-5, she calmly insisted that she had once been married to a man named Brad Huffington. When we asked what had happened to him she replied with a note of sadness, ‘He was lost at sea.’” Many parents shared their own stories of their kids saying something spine-chilling. Scroll below to find out some of the spookiest sentences uttered by kids.

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