Have you ever seen faces on inanimate objects? It’s very common to see faces in everyday objects as our human mind is programmed to do so. In fact, there is a term specifically coined for this phenomenon- “Face pareidolia”.

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, it is “the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern” Recently, people from the bored Panda community shared some interesting images of this occurrence. Check out some of their best photos in the gallery below.

#1 Think I Gripped This From An Old BP Post. Not Mine, But My Fave: Screaming Sneakers

#2 Angry Flower

#3 Unamused Onion

#4 Happiest Slice Of Cucumber I Ever Saw

#5 Face In The Fire

#6 This Suitcase Looks Petrified

Image source: Melanie

#7 Happy Lil’ Bike

#8 This Muffin. Came Straight Out The Packet Giving Me A Sassy Face

#9 My Eggs One Morning ?

#10 Behold! The Majestic 3 Face Pickle

#11 Angry Lil’ Pepper

#12 Happy Milk Can

#13 Coffee Sometimes Enjoys Being Brewed

#14 An Alien Rock Taking A Dip By The Sea

#15 Every Year At The Auto Show, Honda Shows Off Their Alien Technology

#16 Baby Red Potato

#17 Shrek?

#18 Spilled A Whole Carton Of Salt In The Sink Afew Yeats Back… Happy Little Snowman

#19 My Space Heater Is Always Happy

#20 Wilson, The Coconut Pandemic Friend


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