16 months in creation, a piece inspired by LAN internet parties at the time Designcollector just started, released by gifted CG artist Cornelius Dämmrich as an NFT on @Superrare.co

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“In 2011 I made a piece called “Ancient Area Network” which depicts a LAN Party in an old building that wasn’t anything like the half-timbered house I lived in for many years, but it was my attempt to capture the atmosphere and chaos these gatherings had. I started this cycle 10 years ago with a depiction of a LAN Party and I’m closing it with another. This time with more delpherian touches to it. Mr. Wanderer is back with a whole duffle bag full of connectivity issues.”


“When I was 14, the most common LAN theme we had were birthday and weekend LANs that would go for two days and were never attended by more than 8 people. There was one LAN hosted by a student committee at my Highschool with roughly 130 people attending but that was never the norm for us. Most of us were not (yet) nerdy enough for the demo scene and we were too young and poor to attend the big boy LAN parties in early 2000 Germany.”


“The host’s parents would organize soda, snacks and a hearty alternative (“real food”). Every attendee would arrive half an hour apart and the first third of the night was usually spend with troubleshooting the network (“can anyone see me?”,”okay, let’s all set the same workgroup”, etc.), the second third was spend sharing porn, DVD rips, MP3s and games and the last part was either playing actual games or a combination of playing games and re-installing windows on someone’s PC because something broke.”

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