Whether it’s the lack of money, time, or any other issue, sometimes people decide to take matters into their own hands and come out with innovative ways to fix a problem. A temporary solution may not appear pleasant or it may even look ridiculous sometimes, but what’s the harm if it serves the purpose of solving a problem.

A resourceful approach to problem-solving not only saves money but also inspires creativity. The subreddit r/RedneckEngineering is a place where you can find some interesting hacks and DIY projects that may seem funny but they probably worked as quick, alternative ways of solving a problem. Scroll below to see some recent posts on the subreddit. And if you wish to explore funnier DIY projects, check out our previous posts, here and here.

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#1 Our Doorbell Has Been Broken So We Had To Improvise

Image source: violinfiddleman

#2 Does This Count?

Image source: nox011

#3 A Pvc Pipe Basketball “Hoop” I Made So That My Son Could Practise

Image source: Tominator2000

#4 Saw This Volume Limiter On R/Hometheater Thought Of This Sub

Image source: OhTheHueManatee

#5 Cut A Pool Noodle In Half To Make A Comfortable Armrest For The Truck. From Australia

Image source: goobly_goo

#6 It Makes Sense

Image source: Flimsy_Researcher

#7 Not The Prettiest, But It Gets The Job Done!

Image source: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#8 Who’s Laughing Now?

Image source: jhovudu1

#9 A Plunger And Hot Water, Who’d A Thunk It

Image source: Spudnut

#10 Czech Engineering

Image source: TemporaryAccount-tem

#11 Homemade Roller Coaster

Image source: BMY61

#12 How To Keep Your Drone From Falling Down Into A River

Image source: DampfJaguar0674

#13 My 11 Year Old Scotch Taped The Phone To His Face So He Could Play Xbox And Talk

Image source: Caffeinequeen86


Image source: BallsOutKrunked

#15 Only Had Two Batteries, And Also This Thing Was Crazy Bright

Image source: thatsbs

#16 Disinfecting In A Beiping Market, Smart And Timely!

Image source: AmericanBornWuhaner

#17 Ain’t Stupid If It Works!

Image source:  lilchalupzen

#18 Portable AC Unit (Pumps Ice Cold Water From Cooler Through Copper Coil Over Fan)

Image source: PharmacistDude

#19 Fixed The Downspout

Image source: tsmeagain

#20 My Father Built His Own Observatory

Image source: Finneringasvar

#21 Adjustable Wrench

Image source: Familiar_Big3322

#22 Anti-Theft Protection

Image source: saltypotato-612

#23 This Guy Built A Wooden Gym So He Could Train

Image source: Aomiin

#24 Safe As Houses

Image source: Agreeable-Dinner

#25 Humane Rat Trap

Image source: dee_snutz

#26 Found In A Group Called “Stairs Designed By People Who Aren’t Afraid To Die” But I Still Quite Like How Simple And Cheap A Solution It Is

Image source: samcornwell

#27 Back In 2006 When We Lived In Thailand I Couldn’t Find A Guitar Hero Guitar For My Playstation 2 So I Hacked A Knock-Off Dualshock Controller And A Mosquito Zapper Into A DIY Guitar Hero Controller – Complete With A Mercury Switch For Star Power

Image source: Tominator2000

#28 Automatic Door

Image source: Churcky2

#29 Redneck Rotisserie

Image source: dee_snutz

#30 Someone Suggested This Would Fit Here

Image source: Travellingjake

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