What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Australia? Kangaroos? Giant spiders? Toilet bowls that flush in the opposite direction? Believe it or not, this country is much more than these stereotypes – and the r/Australia subreddit will prove it to you.

The users of this subreddit are sharing hilarious snippets of Australian life, and they’ll make you realize what a unique and unexpected place this country really is. Check out a collection of weird and funny pics that perfectly capture what it’s like living in Australia in the gallery below!

#1 The Same Sex Marriage Debate In A Nutshell

Image source: col381

#2 Our Cat Came Home After Missing In The Fires For 7 Nights. She’s Burnt But Should Live. We Thought Her Lost When The Fire Consumed Most Of Our Property. Best Feeling Ever To Walk Out And See Her Alive

Image source: Bozwoggle

#3 My Physics Teacher Defended Her House From Bushfires By Herself, And Then Waited Out The Fire In Her Pool Using A Scuba Tank

Image source: Drakey02

#4 This Is Patrick Boyle. He Went Around Mallacoota Searching For Injured Wildlife. Pictured Is One Of The Koalas He Had Rescued. Shoutout To The Legend

Image source: thisisdropd

#5 Why Are You Littering?

Image source: SydneyTom

#6 Spotted In A Sunshine Coast Woolworths

Image source: Captain_cranky_au

#7 After A Blackout Night, My Mate Woke Up To A Ripper Selfie On His Phone!

Image source: CtrldKilla

#8 Had The Window Open And He Just Flew In. Bena, Victoria

Image source: Gandalf-the-fool

#9 Funko Just Released A Pop On Popcultcha (A Pop And Collectable Website) Of A Bushfire Hero. All Proceeds Go To Bushfire Efforts

Image source: Kdogred

#10 Too Hot For Jesus In Queensland!

Image source: Aquagenie

#11 In Maryborough Queensland Australia Birthplace Of Mary Poppins Author Pl Travers, They Have Mary Poppins Crossing Lights

Image source: MoveOolong72

#12 Last Years Trip To Australia, Love From Belgium!

Image source: juju-O-T-B

#13 Meanwhile In Australia…

Image source: rohanrag

#14 Bloody Seagulls

Image source: coconutsunbeam

#15 Energex Couldn’t Check My Meter Due To My Chicken

Image source: reddit.com

#16 Today I Learned Echidnas Can Swim

Image source: outdatedopinion

#17 F Yeah Ariel

Image source: earthygirl_

#18 A Pile Of Manure Has Been Dumped Outside The Sydney Headquarters Of News Corp

Image source: Kitchen_Items_Fetish

#19 Stunning View

Image source: cashbonez

#20 Smart Bins In Australia Use Solar Power To Compact Waste. Includes Foot Handle

Image source: Operatic_Ranch

#21 The City Of Brisbane, Australia, Has Public Bike Repair Stations

Image source: steffle12

#22 Summer In Australia

Image source: Fredx

#23 I Love Australia

Image source: RPA031

#24 Slipped Through The Back Door Of Department Of Transport…

Image source: Mumsbud

#25 Australia Summed Up

Image source: LadderOne

#26 Rescued This Guy From My Shed, Must Have Been Locked In There For A Few Days, And 10mins Later He Came To Backdoor To Say Thanks Before Heading Off To Eat Cherry Plums!

Image source: MattSpew

#27 Good On You, Sydney…

Image source: jeppe_the_retard

#28 No Thanks

Image source: EASY_GOING_

#29 This Possum Chilling In The Workshop At My Work

Image source: sealvia

#30 The Morning Shoe Check (Before We Put Them On) Saved My Wife A Bit Of Pain Today

Image source: ozmatterhorn

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