A new reality

by Maxim Zhestkov


To celebrate the reveal of the new all-electric BMW i4, BMW invited Russian media artist Maxim Zhestkov to freely interpret the new vehicle, and create a series of digital artworks using the BMW i4 design and technology as his inspiration. The result is a series that is as mesmerising as it is unique.


“I started out studying traditional architecture, but somewhere down the road I came to realise that the 3D software we used for mapping and modelling had so much more potential. It felt like it was being used to create the final product or output, and then… the process was seen as over. It was very finite, and it just didn’t sit right with me. But then I saw that, in fact, the software, if I found a way to use it right, could become much more. It could be used to discover and experiment in ways that didn’t have a goal in itself. It could be the way itself; the means to explore .something new and unexpected.”

— Maxim Zhestkov

Zhestkov describes this realisation as a process of “personal and creative liberation.” By plugging into the ever-evolving and ever more advanced visualisation and rendering software he had available, he was able to explore spatiality, physics, visuals and mathematics in a way he hadn’t thought possible. He quickly became hooked.


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