Designer: Mar Sánchez-Morate Paloo
Designer: Carmen González Montarelo
Designer: Clara Hevia Aranguren
Location: Spain
Project Type: Student Project
Tutor: Eva Minguella, Miquel Campany and Jesus Alonso.
Packaging Contents: Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital printing

Working as a publicist may seem exciting, for Marta and Toni though, ended up being a profession like any other, full of rules and responsibilities. However, this feeling faded away during the weekend, when both spent their time cooking delicious recipes and calling themselves “expert chocolatiers”.

What began as a hobby to escape from the routine, suddenly became part of it, after all, seemed like another obligation, they just kept following instructions step-by-step, letting the most creative part of themselves go away. Because of that, Marta decided to get rid of those books, from that moment, they would follow their own rules, willing to explore with all kinds of ingredients.

Surprisingly, the most unexpected mix of flavors turned out to be delicious and weekends made sense again, becoming their new passion.

A passion that would not remain between the walls of their kitchen.

Marta and Toni, said their goodbyes to the world of publicity to become full-time chocolate artists/creators.

Combining new flavors, shapes and textures, they offered a new way of understanding chocolate and made a promise that it would be different. But furthermore, by letting people to have fun and enjoy the pleasure of creating without limits, to feel like children again, like they did.

And from this inspiring story, ABC chocolates was born. From the beginning the aim was to break right into a market that is already very consolidated, the chocolate market; through benchmarking, strategy and target analysis.

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