Unika Vaev’s Trumpet is acoustic lighting with contemporary flair.

Unika Vaev's Trumpet Acoustic Light green above table

Named for its thin, fluted profile (a cool abstract representation of the instrument), Trumpet offers a welcoming gesture, like a slight parting of the lips to emit subtle targeted light.

Unika Vaev's Trumpet acoustic light detail

Trumpet’s designer, Cutu Mazuelos, emphasizes that this is lighting first, not just an acoustic add on that happens to emit light: “It’s a lamp with acoustic properties… contributing not only acoustic function but also a temperament that enriches everyday life.”

Unika Vaev's Trumpet Acoustic light green and grey one facing front one facing side

The pendant’s acoustic core is made of recycled fabrics and PET bottles, with a solid wood body and Unika Vaev’s signature upholstery.

Unika Vaev's Trumpet Acoustic light green and grey front view

On that last score, there are hundreds of vivid fabrics with which to adorn this Trumpet. See them all and read more about Trumpet at Unika Vaev. And go to Designer Pages Media for more from Unika Vaev.

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