Design: Meghana Reddy
Location: United States
Project Type: Commissioned work
Client: Ally’s
Packaging Contents: Organic Peach Tonic
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium

The goal was to create a brand and package design for a new-to-market soda introduced by Ally’s as a part of their range of beverages. As we all know, Georgia is famous for its delicious, sweet peaches. Ally’s came up with a refreshing tonic blended with organic peaches grown in Atlanta, Georgia. The packaging design is the night skyline of the city of Atlanta. This illustration clearly relates to where the ingredients/fruits are grown. The idea behind the illustration was to make it stand out from the other dominant brands. The colors and tones were set to a time of the night, as this drink is typically enjoyed after a long day. The vibrant tones and the graphic elements visually express the night life in Atlanta. This refreshing beverage is caffeine and calorie free.

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