Even though many brands have tried to deny what many have been saying for a long time and to divert attention from the subject, the International Journal of Cancer has published a study that provides evidence about the ‘activating’ effect of aluminum salts on the cells of the mammary glandsThe problem is that many of us use it through deodorants and cleaning products and it can even be present as additives in pre-cooked food and industrial pastries.

Bearing in mind that breast cancer is a disease that is statistically increasing, we think it is important to inform us about this subject, at least as a preventive measure. The first thing we must bear in mind is that deodorant is not the same as an antiperspirant, since the former neutralizes odors, while the latter acts directly on the pores because it closes them. It is not difficult to guess that the most respectful of the natural needs of the skin are deodorants, so this should be the starting point when choosing.

Based on the research, it is important to take a moment to read the formulas. The most common ingredients in antiperspirants are aluminum salts, aluminum hydrochloride, and aluminum chloride. Although scientists do not fully agree on whether or not there is a relationship between the use of aluminum and breast cancer (mainly because in theory the amounts that enter the bloodstream when we use this type of product are negligible), some agree that this is neurotoxic and that there are indications that it is closely related to the increase in cases of Alzheimer’s within the population.

So far, no study has been classified as ‘conclusive’, but for several years many investigations have indeed been carried out on the matter and for a me-a normal person who simply tries to lead a healthy life-, it is something that restless it is not a call to panic, far from it: it is one more option to take into account and it is up to each one to decide what type of products and ingredients they want to use in their daily life.

That’s why we want to put our with a list of aluminum-free deodorantsIt’s probably incomplete, so we ask you if you know any other, put it in the comments and so we can ‘feed’ it little by little.













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