An Artist’s Guide to Different Types of Pens [Infographic]

Holding Fountain Pen

A set of drawing pencils and a sketchbook will help you begin your artistic journey, but the right pen may be the tool to bring your idea to life. Pens can offer consistent linework to artists that specialize in intricate details as well as bold, expressive marks that are reminiscent of brushes. It all depends on what type of pen it is.

In fact, there’s a wide variety of pens that can produce very different effects in your artwork or writing. The most common types you’ll run into are ballpoint, rollerball, gel pen, felt-tip pen, fountain pen, brush pen, drafting pen, and dip pen. While some of these provide fast drying times and consistent, even lines, others create broad strokes.

To help you choose the right utensil, we’ve put together a handy infographic that highlights the features of different types of pens. With this, you’re sure to find at least one new utensil for your drawing kit, if not more!

Discover what type of pen is best for your art with this handy guide!

Different Types of Pens

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READ: An Artist’s Guide to Different Types of Pens [Infographic]


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