A work by French artist Leonard Combier is like a riddle that can never quite be solved. Something always slips your notice or escapes your eye, resisting your attempt to unravel every clue. What attracted us to his work is an ongoing project featuring “tattooed” passports of travellers that Leonard has been doing for the last five years. Now he wants to bring an attention for this cause in terms of global situation

Passport Cover_Léonard Combier 1.jpg
Passport Cover_Léonard Combier 2.jpg
Passport_Léonard Combier 1.jpg

“Léonard Combier’s work deals with causality and liberty. In a world where everything interrelates and can only be understood as a vast chain reaction, how is freedom conceivable? This applies as much to the artist who is caught in a system of his own creation, as to the viewer whose gaze finds no exit. The answer, I believe, lies in the Combier’s sense of humour. Humour provides the only solution, a multi-directional vector leading to different levels of interpretation, the choice of which is left up to the viewer. It pervades Combier’s entire work, from the bizarre figures to the comical texts, as the artist’s mischievous playfulness sets the scenes of his different worlds like those in a vaudeville play – save the final twist in the plot, which is never revealed. Yet there is always the mystery contact, whose phone number is etched into each work.”



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