ASMR Footage of Hungry Tortoise Eating Fruit and Veg Is Surprisingly Noisy and Satisfying

ASMR Footage of a Tortoise Eating Fruit and Vegetables

Some of the most calming sounds can come from the most unexpected sources. Those that are into ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) know this better than most. Some people love listening to whispering, while others enjoy the sounds of tapping. However, there’s one huge online community that can’t get enough of one particular YouTube channel called Animal ASMR. It shares captivating videos of a tortoise named Rocky eating fruits and vegetables, revealing how he sounds when he chows down.

It might sound odd, but the sweet “nom nom nom” sounds of Rocky are strangely satisfying. In one video, he’s captured enjoying an array of healthy snacks, including a strawberry, a blueberry, a piece of pumpkin, and a sprig of broccoli. Not only does the cute creature look visibly delighted and eager to eat, but the sounds he makes indicate how satisfying his meal is. Starting with the strawberry and finishing with the broccoli, Rocky doesn’t follow the “dinner before dessert rule”—he just eats what he feels like. He’s captured loudly munching everything in less than 10 minutes—it’s surprising how quick he can eat something that’s as big as his head!

Rocky clearly enjoys his life as an ASMR YouTube star. A new video is uploaded almost weekly, showing him happily eating something new every time. And when Rocky isn’t around, Animal ASMR also records the eating sounds of an iguana, a hamster, a guinea pig, and even a snail.

Check out the videos of Rocky the tortoise below, and follow Animal ASMR for more.

Watch this captivating ASMR footage of a tortoise named Rocky eating fruit and vegetables.

This guy loves to eat, and the sounds he makes while doing so are totally endearing!

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All images via Animal ASMR.

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READ: ASMR Footage of Hungry Tortoise Eating Fruit and Veg Is Surprisingly Noisy and Satisfying


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