Australian Wildlife Park Reveals Its Clever Trick To Weigh a Baby Koala

How to Weigh a Koala by Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

If you’re a pet owner, you’re probably well aware of how much your dog or cat hates the vet. Our furry friends often won’t sit still when they’re having necessary check-ups, unless of course they’re offered a distraction. This is also the case for other types of animals, including koalas. The caretakers at Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park in Duncan, South Australia, recently revealed their trick for getting a baby koala to stay still while they weigh him.

The adorable photo shows a little joey on some weighing scales. However, rather than just set him down on the cold surface, the staff allowed him to cling onto a branch that’s attached to the scales. This is so the koala feels more relaxed, as if he’s just hanging out in a tree. The clever idea allows the wildlife park staff to take an accurate reading of the koala’s weight, without him squirming around.

Having the koala stay still long enough to weigh is vital for his development. Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park explains, “Regular weighing of the koalas, especially the joeys, is important to make sure they are staying healthy, putting on weight and keeping it on.”

Check out the adorable image below, plus more photos of cute koalas from Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park.

The staff at Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park in Australia reveal how they weigh their baby koalas.

The branch on the scale mimics the environment koalas feel most comfortable in.

This adorable video on Reddit shows how it’s done.

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All images via Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park.

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READ: Australian Wildlife Park Reveals Its Clever Trick To Weigh a Baby Koala


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