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Koi Pond Cake by Grace / petrichoro

Inspired by the beauty of Japanese koi ponds, a Canadian baker known as Grace (or petrichoro on Instagram) created a mousse jelly cake for Father’s Day that looks just like the real thing. The incredibly detailed dessert features colorful fish (made from bean paste) encased within a clear gelatin surface that meticulously mimics a pond. The beautiful koi fish even look as though they’re elegantly swimming in a blue lagoon.

Grace’s cake comprises a base of black sesame chiffon cake, followed by layers of white chocolate mousse and blueberry mousse. The top, semi-transparent layer is made from agar almond jelly (a plant-based gelatin). It might look just like a real pond, but each and every part of the delectable dessert is edible—even the koi, lily pads, and bamboo cattail stems can be enjoyed!

“I’ve had this project on my to-do list for the longest time but I’ve always been too intimidated to start,” Grace reveals on Instagram. “I decided to take the plunge this week and I’m very glad I did.” The artistic baker stayed up until 5am making the cake for her dad, but she enjoyed the challenge, and her hard work certainly paid off. ‎“It was my first time working with bean paste and agar based jello, so there was a lot of trial and error,” reveals Grace. “I love making small and intricate things, and I had so much fun working on the lilies and koi.”

Check out Grace’s koi pond cake below and find more from her portfolio of edible art on Instagram.

Canadian baker Grace (aka petrichoro) created a mousse jelly cake for Father’s Day that looks just like a real koi pond.

Koi Fish Cake

Each and every part of the delectable dessert is edible…

Koi Fish Cake

…but it looks too pretty to eat!

Koi Pond Cake by Grace / petrichoroGrace / petrichoro: Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Grace / petrichoro.

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