Design: Adele Galimova
Location: Russia
Project Type: Student Project
Tutor: Sergey Kleschev
Packaging Contents: Honey
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass jar
Printing Process: Offset printing

This is the concept of the Bashkir honey packaging. Bashkortostan is a region rich with household apiaries. Honey making is a tradition and a key part of the culture. Real bashkir honey is usually packaged simply without any expensive or colorful details. People make it for their own needs and pleasure, and you can buy it from a grandma in the marketplace. That’s why It was inspired by pickled food that grandmothers make for winter. This way, every customer that buys it, will feel like this honey was made for them by their grandparents with sincere love.

On the one side, pickled food is something absolutely nostalgic and familiar to every russian person, but on the other side, pickled food is the metaphor for genuine love and care, because our parents or grandparents would never make us bad food.

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