Design: WIN Creating Images
Location: Germany
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Vegan Chewing Gum
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Recycled Cardboard Paper, No Plastic
Printing Process: Digital Print, Water-based Ink

A lot of people – children and adults alike – enjoy to chew gum. But who likes to have plastic in their mouth? No one does! This fictitious concept called Botani Gum stands for plant-based, plastic-free and sustainable chewing gum fun. Printed with water-based Ink and made out of recycled cardboard free from any plastics, not just the product on the inside is sustainable and environmentally friendly, but also the packaging on the outside.

Playful illustrations of animalistic characters that focus on blowing the biggest gum bubbles possible, give this packaging design a particularly fun look. The combination of a naive illustration style and bright, bold colors add to a radiant and joyful feel, cheering up everyone that looks at it. Vegan products are the future – and they don’t have to look boring at all! It’s time to leave the classic green eco look behind and dive into fun designs that show environmentally conscious lifestyles are anything but dull – Replacing those endless streams of beige- and earth-toned vegan products with colorful packaging designs that look like they themselves birthed Pop Art single-handedly.

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