Agency: Pearlfisher
Strategic Creative Director: Jesper von Wieding
Managing Director: David Ramskov Hansen
Design Director: Louise Hvenegaard Petersen
3D Designer: Michell Berthou
Designer, Louise Mikkelsen
Designer: Karina Amonkar
Client Director, Emilie Aagreen
Illustrator: Frans Theis Jensen
Packaging Content: Dietary supplements

Pearlfisher creates a premium wellness brand that champions balance from within: Botanistry

Pearlfisher is blending heritage and nature into our everyday lives, to champion balance from within, with the creation of premium wellness brand, Botanistry. The innovative initial range of dietary supplements includes 4 herb, spice and superfood blends – Glowing Greens, Active Corals, Digestive Jades and Boosting Ambers – which can be used for soups, smoothies, cereals etc. Botanistry is rooted in the ancient science of Ayurveda and Sri Lankan heritage of cousins and Co-Founders, Rashmini and Rukshan Mather, who are bringing to life a brand that harmoniously balances function and flavour, body and mind, as part of an all-natural lifestyle.

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