BrandOpus has revealed a refreshed identity for leading fast-casual restaurant chain, Panera, with a new logo that depicts the brand’s iconic Mother Bread logo actively breaking bread toward the guest: “a simple act that symbolises warmth, generosity and bringing people together”.

Its ‘Mother Bread’ mark is named after the more than 30-year-old sourdough ‘Mother’ starter that its bread is still made from today. BrandOpus was brought in to help the fast-casual brand “increase relevance amongst consumers and redefine how the brand showed up in the world”.

The wordmark itself has been redrawn to make it more free-flowing and handwritten, giving a sense of passion, naturalness and authenticity. And although Panera’s distinctive colourways have been maintained, BrandOpus have expanded the palette to give the brand a fresher and more energised feel. While the new distinctive holding shape is handcrafted to reflect a bread oven. This moves away from the previous square shape design and creates a feeling of warmth and comfort.

“Our biggest challenge was preserving vital memory structures from Panera’s rich heritage, whilst tapping into new associations rooted in pleasure, enjoyment and warmth,” says Nir Wegrzyn of BrandOpus. “Inspired by the passion and abundance of the brand, the revitalised design is a radical revolt against food restrictions today. It’s a rediscovery of the pleasure that comes with eating delicious fresh food and we’re excited for the world to experience it.”

The new-look will be debuted across Panera’s packaging, restaurant décor, signage, website and app throughout the year. It will be quite the rollout, as it’s one of America’s biggest bakery-cafe chains with more than 2,100 restaurants nationwide, and bakes bread fresh every day in its cafes.


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