Brilliant Beauty of Mosque Ceilings Around the World in One Twitter Thread

If you’ve never been inside a mosque, you might not realize what spectacular beauty lies within. The interior artwork is breathtaking; many mosques are covered from floor to ceiling in vibrant color and intricate tilework. It’s a testament to not only human creativity but our capacity to show love and devotion through visual art. These places of worship are spaces where Muslims spend time throughout the week in prayer, studying, or simply resting and reflecting.

The holy month of Ramadan, in particular, is a period in which many Muslims spend more time in mosques. Worshipers have a greater opportunity to take in the motifs on the ceilings of these spaces. Bayt Al Fann, a website that is “a house for everyone, exploring art and culture inspired by Islamic tradition,” shared a selection of magnificent mosque ceilings in a viral Twitter thread.

“Mosque ceilings are designed to reflect the magnificence of the universe,” Bayt Al Fann tweeted. “For Ramadan, here are spectacular details of 24 Mosque ceilings from around the world.” The thread highlights a variety of designs and shares information about each place. Many of the mosques are hundreds of years old, making the thread not only dazzling for its photos but as a valuable learning opportunity as well.

Scroll down to see the tweet thread and admire the beauty and history behind these sacred spaces.

Mosque ceilings are spectacular, as this viral tweet thread by Bayt Al Fann shows.

With each breathtaking photo, is some information on the mosque.

Some of the buildings are hundreds of years old, while others were completed much more recently than that.

The thread features mosques from around the world—from the Middle East to Japan to England.

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READ: Brilliant Beauty of Mosque Ceilings Around the World in One Twitter Thread


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