Design: Rym Rahmouni
Location: Turkey
Project Type: Student Project
School: Bahcesehir University
Tutor: Didem Wong
Packaging Contents: Candles / Diffusers
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Corrugated cardboard

Istanbul Collection is a limited edition set of Candles and Diffuser by Carolina Herrera. The collection is inspired from the unique unforgettable experiences and sensations Istanbul gave me while living there. As someone who loves to travel the world and discover new cites, I find myself reminiscing over the smells, music, sounds and accents, specific cloths I wore there and perfumes, and most importantly the details in the architecture and landscapes. But when it comes to Istanbul I tend to miss it the most, and anything that reminds me of it is very special and sits close to my heart. That’s way this collection aims to reflect these beautiful experiences through a combination of scents and colors that are related to specific places that I like the most.

The concept behind is nostalgia, memories that links certain scenes to a place or a feeling, every person has it differently thats way i wanted to share my special relationship with the city through these designs to maybe help ease the homesickness i feel when i am away. I have been living in Istanbul for 8 years and ever since the first day I fell in love with it, but there has been couple of areas that left a unique impression on me, not only with the beauty and the history behind them, but also with details that sets them apart.

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