Cedit Cromatica Formafantasma Yellowtrace 13

Cedit Cromatica Formafantasma Yellowtrace 08

Cedit Cromatica Formafantasma Yellowtrace 12The sublim, tonal Cromatica collection by Formafantasma. “A lexicon of colour shades for mixing in large size and its submultiples.” See our preview of this stunning collection here.

Cedit Rilievi Zaven Yellowtrace 24

Cedit Rilievi Zaven Yellowtrace 30

Cedit Rilievi Zaven Yellowtrace 27

Cedit Rilievi Zaven Yellowtrace 25

Cedit Rilievi Zaven Yellowtrace 33

Rilievi collection designed by Enrica Cavarzan & Marco Zavagno of Zaven. “The alternation and symbiosis between concave and convex, recessed and raised.”


Cedit Chimera Elena Salmistraro Yellowtrace 05

Chimera collection by Elena Salmistraro merges rigour with self-expression, in a graphic grammar laden with symbolic meaning. See our in-depth article on this collection here.


Chimera Ceramic Collection by Elena Salmistraro for CEDIT, Moodboard | Yellowtrace

Cedit Collezione Chimera Elena Salmistraro Spazio Cedit Milano 2020 Yellowtrace


As the world grapples with a myriad of monumental issues, like climate emergency, social injustice, the biggest health crisis in over a century and so forth, the role architecture and design can play in creating a better future has never seemed more pertinent. From our approach to creating new budlings and interiors, our attitude to re-establishing existing ones, how and what we chose to specify in our projects all play a part in having an awareness of the world on a deeper level.

Perhaps, just like so many others (myself included), you’ve questioned whom you support and what you champion in all aspects of your life, including your agency in your own domains of influence, however small or large they may be.

With sustainably being, without a doubt, one of the most pressing challenges the world faces today, shining a spotlight on those who are seeking to set new benchmarks and improve the status quo, has become a personal quest and an issue close to my heart. This responsibility becomes all the sweeter when brands in question have an offering that’s seriously appealing too.


Cedit Re Edition Lapis Vase Achille Pier Giacomo Castiglioni Fondazione Castiglioni 2018 Yellowtrace

Re-edition of the Lapis vase by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, photographed at the Fondazione Castiglioni in Milan.


Cedit Cristina Celestino Working On Policroma Collection 2019 Yellowtrace

Cristina Celestino in the studio, working on her Policroma collection for CEDIT, which launched at Salone del Mobile in 2019.


Enter CEDIT. Or, to be precise, CEDIT – Ceramiche d’Italia (Made in Florim), a sub-brand of the much larger parent company Florim. Having been re-launched to the market in 2016, this Italian-in-origin and international-in-spirit brand is renowned for its ground-breaking designs. Conceived as large format ceramic tiles on which artists can express their creativity, CEDIT isn’t interested in the ordinary, but rather seeks to stand out from the aesthetic perspective.

Over the years, the brand has worked with the biggest names in Italian design, including Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Ettore Sottsass, Enzo Mari and Alessandro Mendini, cementing it as a critical contributor in the history of the design universe.


Related: Chimera Ceramic Collection by Elena Salmistraro for CEDIT.



Watch this lovely video with Primarosa, Anna, Ferdinando, Pera & Anna – CEDIT employees who are in their 60s, 70s and 80s – one of them started with the company at the age of 14 and remains there till this day.




Florim’s approach to sustainability intersects with its business strategy, not as an abstract concept but as real actions embracing the three areas of responsibility: economic, social and environmental.

In 2020 Florim became the first ceramic company in the world to become B Corp certified, formally stating its commitment to operating not just for profit, but also for the good of the planet and the community.

Florim is the first, and currently the only, ceramics corporation in the world to become a Benefit Corporation.


Watch the video “Being sustainable is a daily choice” with the faces of some of the Florim people who contribute to making the company even more responsible, every day.


For Florim, being accountable means developing and creating a sustainable product of very high quality. It means a focus on people – both the staff and their families. Not only generating profit to reinvest in the local economy but also providing direct, genuine support to those most in need. Acting responsibly also means protecting the environment through improvements to processes and products to reduce environmental and energy impact.



CEDIT recently launched a campaign that celebrates its five core principles, cleverly expressed as an acronym of its name – C for Culture, E for Ethics, D for Design, I for Identity, T for Talent – all of which seamlessly overlap with the broader business strategy for Florim.



They go on to talk about these values in more detail. For example, Culture talks to the “Curators of knowledge, cultivated through creative dialogues and exchange of experiences.” Ethic stands for “the responsibility to protect our environment, work together to shape our future.” Design promotes the idea of “investing in research, the most sublime form of knowledge. To be the architects of innovation, protagonists of a process that takes us ever onward.” Identity goes back to 1947 when their legacy began. “Timeless values, and ever-evolving artistry, reveals the unique identity. A living heritage that surrounds us today.” And Talent talks to the “Italian art of making. Through imagination, through passion, through life.”


Cedit Policroma Cristina Celestino Yellowtrace 15

Cedit Policroma Cristina Celestino Yellowtrace 17

Cedit Policroma Cristina Celestino Yellowtrace 19

Cedit Policroma Cristina Celestino Yellowtrace 20

Cedit Policroma Cristina Celestino Yellowtrace 21

The amazing Policroma collection by Cristina Celestino celebrates recurring geometries and infinite combinations, an homage to Italy’s famed marble and marmorino plaster finishes.



Today, CEDIT continues to promote contemporary creativity in keeping with their great tradition, creating ceramic collections conceived by top Italian designers like Formafantasma, Cristina Celestino, Federico Pepe, Zaven and Elena Salmistraro.

“The culture of beauty, art, architecture and design has always been a part of CEDIT’s DNA,” says Claudio Lucchese, president of Florim and the son of Giovanni Lucchese, who founded the company in 1962.

With sustainability, ethics, high quality and nurturing of talent being just some of the values charting high of their agenda, there are plenty of reasons for CEDIT to go straight to the top of the pile when considering the next statement finish for your project.

For more information on CEDIT and to explore all of their collections visit florim.com/cedit.


Cedit Araldica Federico Pepe Yellowtrace 02

Araldica by Federico Pepe is bold, bonkers and not for the faint-hearted. “The miscellany of bright, contrasting, pure colours. The extroverted manifestation of decor.” Boom!

Cedit Araldica Federico Pepe Yellowtrace 01

Cedit Araldica Federico Pepe Yellowtrace 03


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[Images courtesy of CEDIT – Made in Florim.]


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