Christmas Movie Checklist PrintableAlright, I’ve given in. It’s full speed ahead for Christmas! Every year I tell myself that I want to watch all the movies and really do it up. So far, I haven’t gotten it together fast enough to do it. Either I forget what movies to watch, or think I have more time, but either way I’m never organized to maximize holiday fun. But not this year. This year my friends, I’M READY! And I’m hoping that this Christmas movie checklist printable will help you get ready too!


Christmas Movie Checklist PrintableI made two versions of this Christmas Movie Checklist Printable that you can download. One is pre-filled with all the movies that we’ll be watching this year. Print and follow along if you’d like! The other version is completely blank so you can use it to fill out the movies you and your family want to watch. Just click below to download and then print at home.

Download the Pre-Filled Christmas Movie Checklist

Download the blank Christmas Movie Checklist

Now I know there are several more movies I could’ve included on the checklist. The ones I added are a mix of short vs full length movies. There’s cartoons and movies that’ll make you cry. Really it’s a great mix so that you can choose a different type of movie depending on how you’re feeling that day. If you think I missed any Christmas movies from the list, definitely let me know! Who knows, maybe I’ll have time for even more movies now that I’m organized!

Christmas Movie Checklist Printable

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