Dance It Out PlaylistIt’s been a WHILE since I made a playlist (see the others here), but this one is one that I think we all need right now given that the world feels like an overwhelming dumpster fire on a daily basis. And that’s putting it lightly. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that anxiety is at an all time high and has been for months. While crafting does help combat those feelings, there’s something so cathartic about putting on a great song and just dancing around the house. I put together this playlist so we can all do just that in our own homes. It’s time to DANCE IT OUT friends! Think of it like a socially distanced dance party that’s long overdue.

So take an hour, unplug from the news, put this playlist on and move your body. Sweat, sing, laugh, have a moment for joy. You deserve it.

Click here to list to the Dance It Out Playlist 


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