DIY Pumpkin LanternAndddd I’m back with another Halloween DIY! Wouldn’t you know, it’s actually a thrift store flip! I’ve really come around to thrifting all of our decor this year if we add anything to our collection. There’s so many unique pieces out there and thrifting is such a great way to do a budget friendly holiday. Some of the items aren’t in perfection condition, but that’s where an easy DIY comes to save the day. Here’s how I made these DIY pumpkin lanterns:

You can watch this behind the scenes video of this project or keep reading for the photo tutorial!

DIY Pumpkin LanternWhat You’ll Need:

– Ceramic pumpkin bags
– Primer
– Spray paint
Marble effect spray

I was able to thrift a set of these ceramic pumpkin bags (there were so many at the store I went to!). If you can’t find something similar at your thrift store, you can also make the design by using clay. Just use cutters or a knife to make the pumpkin face shape.

For the spray paint colors, the off-white pumpkin ended up being my favorite because it looked the most like a natural marble. Have fun and experiment with the colors that match your decor though!

DIY Pumpkin LanternHow-To:

The lanterns were a bit dirty from the thrift store, so I had to remove all old stickers and clean the surface before I could begin. Definitely check out my latest YouTube video for what I discovered in the prepping stage (spoiler: paint isn’t supposed to do that).

Once the surfaces were clean and dry, I went in and sprayed on my color.  The lanterns were a bit too orange for my personal taste, so I decided to use softer shades for the color. It helps to wear gloves so that you can place a hand inside the lantern. This will help you get an even coat, all around, at the same time.

Wait for those to dry, then it’s time for the marble effect spray! This spray is a bit tricky, so practice before adding to your painted item. You’ll want to really shake the can and then spray at a bit of a distance. It also helps to lay the lanterns flat so that you can spray the marble effect from above. Walk around the surface ensuring you get different angles.

DIY Pumpkin LanternI sprayed the marble effect until I got my desired look then left them to dry. And that’s all there is to it! I love how the effect spray gives this such a spooky look. Some of the strings even look like spider webs!

I’m going to fill these DIY Pumpkin Lanterns with faux candles on Halloween for our stoop and I can’t wait!

DIY Pumpkin Lantern

DIY Pumpkin Lantern

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