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DIY Resin Holiday Gift TagsIt’s the season of giving! And no present would be complete without a handmade touch. These DIY Resin Holiday Gift Tags are simple to make and can be reused time and time again. Plus, you can customize them for each and every person you’re gifting to. What’s not to love about that?! Here’s how to make your own:

DIY Resin Holiday Gift TagsMaterials

Brother P-touch Embellish ELITE Printer Connectable Decorative Ribbon & Tape Printer

– White Brother ribbon (1/2″)– I used the P-touch Embellish Black Print on White Satin Ribbon, but you can use any of the other ribbon color and font color combinations they have!

– Silicone gift tag mold

– Resin

– Gloves

– Glitter, confetti, etc

DIY Resin Holiday Gift TagsStart by measuring the inside of your gift tag so you know how long you can print your text. I kept all of mine to 2″. Design your text in the P-touch Design&Print app then print. No need to cut since the machine will do that for you!

Some phrases to help get your started:

Merry Merry
Ho! Ho! Ho!
Secret Santa
Let it Snow

DIY Resin Holiday Gift TagsIn a well-ventilated area, mix together your resin according to the instructions. Add in a bit of glitter and mix well. Pour a small amount of this mixture into your gift tag mold then add your printed ribbon. To make sure the text is readable, you’ll want to place it face down.

From there you can add more resin until the bottom of the mold is covered. When adding in additional glitter or mix-ins (optional), it helps to keep to the areas around the text (instead of behind), so that the text is still legible.

DIY Resin Holiday Gift TagsLet your tags cure in the mold for 24 hours, then remove! Just like that you have your own resin holiday gift tags

DIY Resin Holiday Gift TagsNot only will they be gift ready, but you can also make a few extra to string on your tree. That’s right, now only are these tags reusable, but they also double as ornaments. It’s a gift tag and gift all in one.

I can’t wait to see what phrases and expressions you come up with for your tags!

I also made this video so you can see the process in actions:

DIY Resin Holiday Gift Tags

DIY Resin Holiday Gift Tags

DIY Resin Holiday Gift Tags

DIY Resin Holiday Gift Tags

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