DIY Wallpapered Fridge: An Update!OMG WE’RE MOVING! But only a mile away! Which means… it’s sadly time to say goodbye to our DIY wallpapered fridge. A little over a year ago I decided to cover our fridge with removable wallpaper as a way to add some color to our kitchen.  Now that I’ve taken it down in prep for our move, I thought I’d share the process of removal, how it aged, and if I’d do it again. Read on to find out!

DIY Wallpapered Fridge: An Update!How it Held Up

The pros: it was super easy to clean and wipe down. Overall it was a much cleaner look than the stainless steel. The design didn’t fade or wear. And it held magnets just fine! Totally like a normal fridge with just a pop of color.

The one con: the edges of the paper frayed ever so slightly. It was maybe just the brand I used, or because it was in such a high traffic place. It’s really the smallest complaint that may not even happen to yours, but just wanted to make note in the event you were looking for true perfection.

DIY Wallpapered Fridge: An Update!Removal 

Removing the wallpaper is similar to when you apply (here’s the original wallpaper fridge project). Make sure to remove the handles beforehand and start in a corner. Ideally you should start in the corner opposite of the one where the door opens so the door doesn’t fly open as you work. Removal takes a little elbow grease, but it’s nothing too strenuous.

Use Goo Gone and a towel to remove any leftover residue. It should come off no trouble! The entire process took an hour or so to put up, and maybe 15 minutes to remove. Because, of course!

DIY Wallpapered Fridge: An Update!Final Results

The wallpaper came off pretty seamlessly and didn’t damage the fridge surface. The wallpaper was on the fridge for over a year, so I’m so thankful that this didn’t become a big issue project!

Now for the big question: would I do this project again? The short answer is YES. I love how much color it added to the space and how I didn’t have to look at smudgy stainless steel. It really did add life to a space that needed it. I’d suggest for your pattern, don’t get something with straight lines unless you really want to work hard to put it up. I would get something a little more forgiving next time.

Overall I do think the price was a bit expensive for something so temporary, but you could always shop around for cheaper removable wallpaper. We also didn’t plan to move when I put it up, so if you know you’re going to be in a space longer, it’s worth the investment.

After seeing the ENTIRE fridge process.. what do you think?! Would you wallpaper the fridge in your home?!

DIY Wallpapered Fridge: An Update!

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