DIY Wedding Seating Chart[Final photos of this project taken by Redfield Photography; Florals by Devon & Pinkett]

It’s time for one of the best things about our wedding: THE DIYS!! Running this blog for the past ten years really prepared me for wedding projects. Because of our 6 week timeline (read about that here), it really was like the crafting olympics. And I loved it.

Making most of our decor really was one of my favorite parts about our wedding. It might have been a ton of work behind the scenes, but being surrounded by handmade items on your wedding adds another layer of love to the day. I worked on this particular project with Ryan and his parents. It’ll be in our wedding photos forever and it just feels that much more special. Even if it’s just one project, absolutely consider crafting for your wedding… And might I suggest you make this one?!

Here’s how we made our wedding seating chart:

DIY Wedding Seating ChartWhat You’ll Need

– 8’x4′ Plywood
– Jigsaw
– Sandpaper
– Paint
– Hinges
– Drill

Note we did start this project in February 2020 before the lumber shortage/pandemic. It might be more costly to make now, but would be worth it if it was a central piece of your overall decor.

I got a quart of each color of paint so that I could apply two coats, front and back. There was plenty of paint left over.

DIY Wedding Seating ChartHow To

We bought two 8’x4′ sheets of plywood and cut them down the middle to make four 8’x2′ pieces (you can ask them to do this for you at the store). We ended up only using three of those pieces in the final seating chart.

After the wood was cut, we rounded off the tops with a jigsaw to create the arch shape. We tried one shape completely rounded off (you can see above), but it really did look way too phalic. A semi circle is definitely the better way to go unless you’re having a very different event.

To create dimension, we made the arches at varying heights.

DIY Wedding Seating ChartAfter finalizing the cuts, all of the panels were sanded on the surface and the edges. We applied two coats of paint to both sides. Let the paint dry fully between each coat and before turning over to paint the other side. For an extra layer of protection, you can seal with Polycrylic.

DIY Wedding Seating ChartOnce everything is fully dry, the final touch is to secure the panels together with hinges. This will not only help with transportation to your venue, but it will allow for movement for set up. Part of them will be visible, so take that into consideration when choosing a finish. You could also paint them if you want them to blend in more seamlessly.

And that’s all there really is to it! It’s a few simple cuts and a bit of paint!

DIY Wedding Seating ChartWhat’s great about this project is that it also doubled as a photo backdrop before we tacked on the seating arrangements. Ryan and I both had our portraits taken in front of it and it was the perfect pop of color to our photos. You don’t even have to turn this piece into a seating chart, but instead use it as decor. It would be so pretty in different heights and arrangements around a seating area!

DIY Wedding Seating ChartI know this project is about the seating chart, but how cute is Ryan in front of this?! When selecting colors, be sure to take what you’ll be wearing into consideration just in case you want to take photos in front.

We ended up using clear string (behind and attached to the wall) to secure it in place. While it stands up on its own, the last thing you want would be for a gust of wind to come along and knock it over. DIY Wedding Seating ChartI can’t get over the florals added (seriously hire Devon & Pinkett). They really take the seating chart to an entirely different level.

DIY Wedding Seating ChartTo display the seating assignments:

1. Print the names on nicer, heavier weight 8.5×11″ paper

2. Tack in place with gold push pins

You may need to use a t-square to keep everything level and even. Shoutout to Jeran of Oleander + Palm for making sure these were tacked up beautifully the day of our wedding!

DIY Wedding Seating ChartSo that’s the project! Let me know if you have any specific questions! We’re going to try to find a place to keep and display this in our apartment. Maybe as a room divider or to display a dress or two on? Who knows! It’s just too pretty to get rid of!

And for fun, here’s what it looked at the end of the night. The light from the disco ball is just ::chef’s kiss::! Thank you to our photographers for capturing this so beautifully!

DIY Wedding Seating Chart

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