Take a look at the amazing Doppler Effect poster series by studio Diatomic.

Adrià Molins and Sergi Delgado created the Doppler Effect poster series for their Diatomic Studio as a tribute to the mathematician and physicist Christian Andreas Doppler. Celebrated for his principle – known as the Doppler effect – that the observed frequency of a wave depends on the relative speed of the source and the observer, used to discover the movement of the stars.

They’ve explored the concept of the Doppler effect to create a graphic visualization, an allegory of this physical principle. The striking result is a series of posters and motion graphics that symbolize and celebrate the universal principle of the Doppler effect with a cultural informative intention.

Doppler Effect poster series by Diatomic Studio
Doppler Effect poster series by Diatomic Studio

All images © by Diatomic Studio. Do not hesitate to find more inspiring work in the Graphic Design category.

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