A4 Architecture delivered a dynamic work environment with a lively feel for payment solutions company, Edenred’s office in Istanbul, Turkey.

In the design and planning phase, niches were created around the core according to the brief by the brand, and service areas such as servers, archives and storage were set up with their efficient use in mind.

Open offices and executive rooms have been designed along the side of the façade in such a way to draw the highest possible benefit from the view and daylight. Informal areas and one-person meeting rooms were planned for company employees to be able to work outside the standard office layout.

A large corporate wall has been set up in the reception area to reflect Edenred’s global corporate identity. Corporate values of the company were represented around the entire core with logos designed for such.

A more dynamic environment was ensured by using vibrant colors in working and social areas.

Design: A4 Architecture
Photography: Ali Bekman

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