Creative Agency: Pearlfisher
Founding Partner Group & Creative Director: Jonathan Ford
Founding Partner & Group Chairman: Mike Branson
Partner, Design & Experience: David Jenkinson
Head of Strategy, Kristoffer Fink Parup
Senior Designer, Dan Bowstead
Design Director, Sam Lachlan
Designer, Angus Meikle
Client Manager: Gabriella Gill
Head of Realisation: Jen Newell
Location: UK

Pearlfisher brews new traditions with the redesign of Eichhof
Pearlfisher has redesigned the brand portfolio for Swiss brewing icon, Eichhof beer, to take the brand forward with a new balance of brewing tradition and creativity and engage audiences by crafting unique stories and new ideas into every bottle.

Brewed in the heart of Switzerland, Lucerne, for more than 185 years, Eichhof is now owned by Heineken but remains a proud beer of a proud region boasting something for every person and every occasion with thirteen different varieties. Heineken tasked Pearlfisher with evolving the Eichhof brand and driving consistency across a disparate brand portfolio to reinforce a feeling of community and locality.

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