Design: George Soulios (Giorgos Soulios)
Location: Greece
Project Type: Student Project
School: 1s D.I.E.K of LARISA
Tutor: Maria Vardiopoulou, Apostolos Kordas, Stefanos Papanotas
Packaging Contents: Oil

Naming: ELEON is a family business that produces and bottles olive oil at the foot of Mount Olympus. The purpose of the business is:

  •  to offer olive oil unadulterated, as 3,500 years ago.
  •  not to interfere in the processes of nature.
  •  not to burden the ecosystem with pesticides and chemicals.
  •  to promote the Mediterranean diet and to communicate it to the whole world.

Olive oil refers to a Linear B sign from Knossos as erawon (έλαιον – eleon) and to others with a special ideogram. Based on these historical data is the name of the company (ELEON).

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