Agency: Widarto Impact
Creative & Art Director: Eko Widarto
Project Manager: Dian Rifiyani
Graphic Design: Fajar Septian Effendi
Illustrator: Doni Hariyanto
Location: Indonesia
Project Type: Produced
Client: ESCO Coffee
Product Launch Location: Indonesia
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium foil coffee bag
Printing Process: Flexography

Indonesia is the 4th coffee exporter in the world. One of the countries that has the most coffee variants, one of which is the most popular is Gayo coffee, Sumatra. Gayo coffee is one of the best coffee varieties that has received recognition from foreign observers, especially from members of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE). They call it the world’s best coffee, from aroma to great taste.

This is one of ESCO coffee’s visions to elevate Indonesian coffee to the international market with a brand, not just a commodity.

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