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Few brands do daily drivers better than nanamica. The Japanese technical label headed by Eiichi Homma — who also oversees Goldwin’s NORTH FACE PURPLE LABEL — is unmatched in crafting approachable gear for daily use, irrespective of climate.

Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter, nanamica takes it all in stride.

Its clothing is rooted in Heavy Duty Ivy, a retro Japanese fashion subculture informed by L.L. Bean and Ralph Lauren, but updates the preppy, post-trad styling of the era with high-spec fabrications appropriate for each season.

nanamica Fall/Winter 2022, already rolling out on nanamica’s web store and its stores, demonstrates this thought technicality with items like its new coaches jackets and peacoats, waterproof on the outside and lined with merino wool on the inside.

Fabric experimentation yields a bespoke chino cotton that’s quick-drying but retains the crispness that one would expect from the ivy-friendly textile. Primaloft and GORE-TEX also appear throughout, equal parts insulating and breathable.

Elements of environmentally-conscious design crop up here and there, like in the flourine-free C-Zero water repellent coating and sweatpants partially made of recycled cotton waste scraps. nanamica isn’t zero impact but it’s making some intelligent moves to slightly push the needle in that direction.

Perhaps the most notable element of nanamica Fall/Winter 2022, beyond the technical and ecological achievements, is the debut of the Japanese brand’s womenswear collection, which feels a tad overdue.

“It has been 20 years since the start of Nanamica, and we just started a women’s line this year,” Homma said. “The current age calls for gender-free and diversity, but I think it is all right for women to have a duality in expressing herself; one side that is working busily in society, and also her very feminine side.”

“My hope is for such clothing for the woman who embraces how she herself feels, before the clothing itself, will let her feel comfortable and cool in various scenes of her daily life, from chilling, working, and living.”

Indeed, we all ought to aspire to feeling comfortable and cool, chilling in nanamica.


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