As queer people, we’ve been robbed of what would’ve been some iconic nights out this year. The first time hearing Lady Gaga’s Chromatica through a PA system, or Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia, or Kylie’s Disco or even Jessie Ware’s What’s Your Pleasure? Whilst the absence of what would’ve been these seminal nights may bring pain to your chest – mine included – the real travesty here is the detrimental effect the global Covid-crisis is having on UK club culture.

For nearly 12 months, nightclubs across the UK have been shuttered; many of which will never open again once the pandemic has passed. A decent chunk of these are likely to be queer spaces, leaving a devastating impact on LGBTQIA+ communities across Britain.

Queue Faboo TV! The campy, much-needed pick me up that’s bringing a taste for the dancefloor right to your laptop screen. What is Faboo? You are Faboo! It’s a URL culture show that harks back to the golden days of British telly (think Blue Peter, mixed with The Hitman and Her, with a sprinkling of T4 and a helpful dose of EuroTrash thrown in there for good measure). It’s founded by Loverboy co-founder Jack Appleyard, Disco Smack’s ​Josh Quinton​ and the brains behind Harpies strip club, ​Jeanie Crystal.

Episode one kicks off in the ​Fabooudoir​, where host and DJ Zooey Gleaves (who also goes by Lagoon Femshayma​) cosies up with East London fashion extraordinaire Max Allen and features cameos from Josephine Baker and the legendary Princess Julia herself. Other Faboo segments include The Faboo Magical Mystery Tour​ – “​a one-way ticket to culture happening outside of the M25″ – and a gay ol’ finale performance ending each episode which is joyfully called The Fabooettes​. Go on, tune in, get a few quad vods down your neck and ‘ave a party. It’s going to be Faboo.

Faboo TV ​will air ​every second Friday of the month at 20:00 GMT ​exclusively on the ​Faboo TV YouTube channel.

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