Faroe Islands  [Amazing Places 4K]

Faroe Islands offer to the traveler striking natural beauty of unique nature. The Faroe Islands are located in between Iceland, Scotland and Norway, they are a self-governing archipelago of 18 islands, part of the Kingdom of Denmark.

Locations in the video: Views from the Farroe Islands (0:00), Múlafossur Waterfall (0:34), Sandavágs kirkja & Trøllkonufingur (1:52), Gjógv (2:58), views from Slættaratindur (4:08), Fossá Waterfall (4:36), Tjørnuvík (5:03), The Giant and the Witch (Risin og Kellingin) cliff formations (5:40), Saksun (5:56), Kalsoy Island & Kallur Lighthouse (8:00), Lake Sørvágsvatn – the lake above the ocean (9:13), Trælanípa (10:24), Vestmanna Sea Cliffs (11:12), Drangarnir (13:27), Mykines Island and the Puffins (13:32), Tórshavn (15:45).

Recorded July 2021 in 4K Ultra HD with Sony AX700 and Osmo Pocket 2.

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