Ready for some fun in the sun? Draw up a deck chair because Christian Louboutin has took over Selfridges Corner Shop for a fetching four-week retail experience that’s been dubbed Loubi’s on the Beach

Like many of us, Christian Louboutin is a lover of travel, with wanderlust woven into his brand’s DNA. That’s why, with a touch of seaside nostalgia, the Parisian designer has brought the insatiable allure of island-hopping and beach-bumming not just to London, but to life itself. 

While the Corner Shop at Selfridges is ever-evolving, bringing us a brand new feature pop-up out of its Oxford Street flagship on a mostly mensual basis, Louboutin’s latest makes a big splash. Sun, sea and exclusive-to-Selfridges sandals, kick back and relax on the Louboutin fantasy beach, complete with a boardwalk, ubiquitous red and white striped beach huts and parasols, and a kiosk – did someone say snack bar? Plus, the sandy set up is littered with red-hot Loubi lifeguards (queue the wolf-whistle!) But this ain’t no Baywatch. The interactive space actually unveils the brand’s new summer collection. Inspired by the joy and liveliness of beach culture, the red-bottom bombshell brand we know and love offers house shoes, leather goods and a load of accessories. 

To commemorate Loubi’s on the Beach, a myriad of limited-edition beach essentials are also on offer; think matching swim sets, a bat and ball for beach games, enamel cups and a water bottle. Grab a two-tone Loubi towel and dive in, or make the boardwalk your catwalk with some reimagined Loubieyes print signature red-soled sandal stilettos. 

For the first time ever, Louboutin has released a selection of embossed pet accessories and surfboards which come in three prints: the stripes of the Corner Shop space, Antique Greekaba motifs and a bold Louboutin Red. From the street, you’ll see a troupe of synchronised swimmers showing off their fanciful footwear, candy-striped beach cabanas and diverse mannequins in cover ups and crimson heels. What’s more, you can also get your hands on the Louboutin Greekaba capsule collection which reminisces about the designer’s time in the Grecian Cyclades and the warm Aegean seas like a modern Athenian Odyssey. Opa!

But that’s not all, oh no. For a full sensory experience, sit back, relax, soak up some Great British sunshine and stick your spoon into a limited-edition Christian Louboutin branded ice cream, available for purchase from the beach kiosk. And if lactose isn’t your thing there is chilled ginger beer and lemonade seltzer to boot. Let’s face the facts, summer is a hell of a lot more fun with Loubi’s on the Beach.

Loubi’s on the Beach is open at Selfridges Corner Shop, Oxford Street, with select products also available online and at Selfridges Manchester from July. For more info click here. Photography courtesy of Selfridges.

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