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TL;DR: As of June 16, a lifetime subscription to EventTrix Events, Hospitality, & Business Training is just $49. It would usually cost $2,000, so you’re saving 97%.

If you’ve ever thought your party-planning skills should be utilized for the greater good, perhaps you should look into a career in event planning and hospitality. It’s not as complicated as you think to dip your toes in. If you have about 50 bucks and an internet connection, Eventtrix can help you kick off your new journey.

Eventtrix delivers over 30 accredited courses across the hospitality, event, and business industries. And for a limited time, a lifetime subscription is on sale for only $49.

Courses are designed to equip you with practical skills for the full spectrum of the event and hospitality industry. Plus, they come with professional accreditation by the International Council for Online Educational Standards (ICOES). That means they could potentially help you pursue your future career goals. Each course is also qualified for CE/CPD points for professional development — a quality mark recognized by all professional institutions, bodies, and societies for quality assured training.

With 36 courses and counting, the Eventtrix library is brimming with potential opportunities for you to try something new. There are professional courses on party planning, event photography, bartending, event management, wedding planning, fundraising, hotel management, music and film event management, and so much more. You’ll learn from experienced professionals and receive vital tips to get ahead. And with lifetime access to every course, you’ll be able to work through all of the content at any pace you want on both desktop and mobile.

Here’s a brief introduction to what you’ll be learning:

If event planning and hospitality sounds like a path you’d be interested in, dabble in it via online courses first before taking out student loans. It’ll cost you just $49 to get started — that’s less $1.50 per course for a limited time. 

Prices subject to change.


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