Get To Know 5 Radical Female Latin American Artists [Infographic]

Latin American City Streets

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When you think of a female hispanic artist, 9 chances out of 10, Frida Kahlo is on the top of that list. She’s on the top of the list for any average person, and rightfully so. There is no disputing Kahlo’s place in the art world as the original selfie queen and master surrealist. But even the master herself faced challenges to find her spot in the popular consciousness of the people.

Get to know five radical artists who made their way into the art history books and faced the same challenges for being both female and Latin American with an infographic compiled by My Modern Met.

From founding members to a set designer for radical guerrilla theater groups, these Latin American women impacted just as many artists as their male peers. Read on to learn more about these radical women.

Latin American Female Artists Infographic

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