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Finally, the sun’s out, temperatures are rising, and Tyler, the Creator’s GOLF is gearing up for the peak of the season with the launch of its SUMMER 2022 collection.

Like it or not, we can all admit that Supreme is yet to recapture the energy that had us all locked in, engaged in the madness during the 2010s. Sure, plenty of people have never really taken a step back and probably feel that it’s still reveling in that greatness.

While I can admit that recent seasons have given me moments of excitement, leaving me to check out the drop lists on Supreme Community for several weeks, I’m certainly still waiting to see the Tremaine Emory effect grab the brand by the neck and give it a full shakedown.

In the meantime, Tyler the Creator’s GOLF is helping me revel in that nostalgia again. I should start by saying, GOLF is by no means a Supreme clone, nor should it be seen as such, but SUMMER 2022 certainly feels like someone of an ode to the streetwear giant’s glory days.

That shouldn’t be surprising, considering how intertwined Tyler’s early career and the box logo brand were. You couldn’t get through an album or Odd Future tape without several mentions of bogos and 5-panels, and pieces were sprinkled throughout music videos – need we even mention Tumblr?

To me, this collection feels like the creation of someone with a deep affinity for a brand during a specific era, and aesthetically, it pays off.

Unsurprisingly, there’s heavy use of graphic prints throughout, which includes classic camouflage pattern work, slogans, logos, and plenty of touches of the abstract. Where it excels, however, is within the cut and sew lineup.

Shirting specifically is deserving of attention, with chain stitch chiffon pieces being particularly attention-grabbing. A keen eye for detail is also paid to crewneck sweatshirts, two-piece tracksuits, woolen items including embroidered cardigans, and leather outerwear.

There’s a lot to be desired from the GOLF SUMMER 2022 collection, so get your trigger fingers ready to add to cart online from June 18.


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