Beats flex paired with android phone and iphone

SAVE 36%: Apple’s most affordable AirPods alternative, the Beats Flex wireless earbuds, just got even more affordable. Snag a pair for only $44.99 at Walmart as of June 8 — that’s $25 off their MSRP.

Beats by Dre, which is under the Apple umbrella, is known for its style, cutting-edge technology, and impressive audio quality. All of that generally comes at a cost. The Beats Flex, however, are an actually affordable AirPods alternative — and they just got even cheaper.

The Beats Flex are powered by Apple’s W1 headphone chip, which helps to integrate them into your world of Apple products. Audio-wise, the Beats Flex offer a “bass-forward sound signature with plenty of sculpting in the highs,” according to a review from PCMag (which is owned by Mashable’s publisher, Ziff Davis).

What makes the Beats Flex stand out is their pleasingly simple design. For those not sold on the true wireless earbud form (and poor battery life), the neckband style of the Beats Flex is a welcome alternative. They’re even equipped with a magnetic connection, so you can keep them secure around your neck when you’re not listening.

The 12-hour battery life allows you to listen all day long without needing a power boost. While it’s not quite as good as over-ear headphones, it’s definitely competitive in the earbud realm. If you manage to jam out for 12 hours straight, you can even get 1.5 hours of extra fuel with a 10-minute Fast Fuel charge.

They’re no Beats Fit Pro, but if you’re looking for simplicity, flexibility, and affordability, you can’t go wrong with 36% off the Flex buds.

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