Design: Khanh Minimal
Location: Vietnam
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Cat Food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Boheme Neve 320 gsm Paper
Printing Process: Risograph

Gru is a brand of granular cat food, 100% ingredients from fresh organic fish ingredients. Gru includes 3 flavors of mackerel, salmon and tuna. These are the 3 fish flavors that cats love more.

Name brand Gru is the sound a cat makes when a cat is happy, well fed and happy, comfortably close to owners who give it peace of mind and trust.

Gru packaging is made of Boheme Neve 320 gsm paper, feels the paper texture when touching the packaging. The cat’s belly is cut open to see the product inside. Use red and blue color combination to highlight the packaging. Each flavor is a different drawing for customers to easily identify and choose.

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