Tasked with outfitting the luxurious J.W. Marriot Bonnet Creek Resort & Spa in Central Florida, H.E. Williams resorted to an eclectic approach of dramatic luminaires and functional integrated lighting.

H.E. Williams lighting flush mount ceiling light in corridor near spa

The general strategy involved using understated lighting in utilitarian areas: the linear recessed lights in this corridor provide a subtle wayfinding cue and an aesthetic counterpoint to the wavy interstellar pattern on the carpet below.

H.E. Williams Lighting recessed slot lights in corridor with moving sidewalk

The interstellar theme persists throughout. These overhead slot lights complement the recessed celing feature with its perimeter lighting, while the integrated wall lights provide an eye-catching juxtaposition, evoking lightning and the ephemeral signature of shooting stars.

H.E. Williams Lighting common area near elevators with linear recessed lighting and vertical lighting on wall with chairs and sofas

But the real drama is found in the hotel’s open areas, where H.E. Williams used grand chandeliers with a space-age motif.

H.E. Williams Lighting chandeliers with thin rods at different angles and spherical lamps in foyer with winding staircase

Combined with the proximal flush mount circle lights, the chandeliers create the effect of being surrounded by interplanetary phenomena, “mimicking the starry night sky.”

H.E. Williams Lighting chandeliers with thin rods at different angles and spherical lamps in ballroom with many tables and chairs

1% dimming was used in the ballrooms, achieving a soothing transition from a brightly lit meeting space to a welcoming hall for weddings, celebrations, and other events.

H.E. Williams Lighting trapezoidal luminaire with small bulbs and green shade in meeting room

And all lights were designed for performance and ease of maintenance: Williams’ innovative TrimLock reflector retention system ensures the trim remains flush, and all outdoor lighting is engineered for performance in wet conditions, including those at the outdoor pool bar.

H.E. Williams lighting outdoor bar with recessed circle lights

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