Design: Robot Food
Location: UK
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: CBD wellness

Robot Food balances nature and science for CBD brand Healist Advanced Naturals
Wellness startup Present Life launches Healist Advanced Naturals, a clinically supported CBD range, with a cut-through brand strategy that marries science and nature by Robot Food.

Since restrictions on the use of cannabidiol (the non-intoxicating component of cannabis) were lifted in Europe and North America, the CBD wellness sector has exploded. Analysts are now predicting that the global market will exceed £72 billion by 2026 – and sales of CBD-based products in the retail sector will be a major driver of that growth.

As a result, the market is becoming increasingly crowded and confused, with a proliferation of balms, oils, and tinctures in varying percentage strengths, promising to remedy any number of health concerns.

Present Life wanted to create a product line that took advantage of this sector growth, but in a way that changes the narrative around CBD products, removes confusion, demonstrates integrity, and makes the health benefits crystal clear to the consumer.

Robot Food was approached to drill down and define the opportunity, and then devise a strategic response to position Healist as a benefit-focused flagship brand with multichannel selling in mind. The resulting work has enabled Healist to cut through all the white noise. Consumers are reassured of the high-quality nature of the products, and are able to navigate the range easily to find the right variant for their needs.

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